1月28日,廣汽埃安首家中國香港陳列室隆重開業,品牌暨AION Y Plus產品發佈會於九龍灣舉行,宣告廣汽埃安正式登陸香港,廣汽集團國際化版圖再下一城。旗下AION Y Plus、Hyper SSR、Hyper HT、AION ES等新能源明星產品驚豔亮相,爲香港帶來一場新能源汽車科技盛宴,全面展示“科技廣汽”實力。

On January 28, GAC AION declared open its first showroom in Hong Kong, China, and held the brand and AION Y Plus product launch in Kowloon Bay, announcing the official entry of GAC AION in Hong Kong and marking a further step of GAC Group’s internationalization move. The lineup of AION Y Plus, Hyper SSR, Hyper HT , AION ES and other new energy vehicles (NEVs) staged a NEV technology feast to Hong Kong and fully showcased the strength of ‘Tech GAC’.


Xu Weigang, Director General of the Economic Affairs Department of the Liaison Office of the Central People’s Government in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region; Liu Guoxun, Chairman of the Panel on Environmental Affairs in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region; Gu Huinan, President of GAC AION; Wei Haigang, General Manager of GAC International; Wang Shunsheng, Deputy General Manager of GAC International and others attended the press release, jointly witnessing GAC AION’s entry into the Hong Kong market.

圖 | 埃安九龍灣陳列室

  核心區域 首家陳列室精彩亮相

  The first showroom in the core area made a brilliant debut

全新開業的埃安九龍灣陳列室位于九龍東商業大廈“第一集團中心”。這裏人流集中,交通便利,不僅是本地核心商業區,也是各大汽車品牌的聚集地。陳列室周邊有 MegaBox大型商場、郵輪碼頭以及即將落成的大型綜合體育場館,未來的客流潛力不可估量。

The newly opened AION Kowloon Bay Showroom is located in the ‘First Group Center’, a commercial building in east Kowloon. With a concentrated flow of people and convenient transportation, it is not only the core commercial area locally, but also a cluster of major automotive brands. Surrounded by MegaBox shopping mall, cruise terminal, and a soon-to-be-completed large comprehensive sports stadium, the showroom is expected to embrace a great passenger flow.


The Kowloon Bay Showroom, with a simple yet fashionable style, presents a technological atmosphere. Divided into exhibition area, rest area, negotiation area and so on, it is also a new energy charging display area to demonstrate charging supporting equipment and how to use them. Here, customers can enjoy one-stop services such as viewing, testing, and formalities processing.


At the press release, a group of guests jointly held a ribbon cutting ceremony for the opening of the AION Kowloon Bay showroom, hoping for the rapid development of GAC AION in the Hong Kong market and leading a new trend of green travel.

圖 | 埃安九龍灣陳列室開業剪彩


Gu Huinan, President of GAC AION, shared the development history, independent R&D of core technologies, and globalization strategy of GAC AION. He said, ‘GAC AION has achieved high-speed and high-quality development and is the world’s first car brand to break the millionth benchmark, with sales ranking among the top three NEV companies around the globe. GAC AION will take Hong Kong as an important base of its globalization strategy by strengthening partnership with Hong Kong high-tech enterprises and conducting transit trade based in Hong Kong, so as to attract global capital investment and bring the highest quality intelligent car products and services to Hong Kong customers.’

圖 | 古惠南發表致辭


In his speech, Wei Haigang, General Manager of GAC International, shared GAC Group’s internationalization strategy and development plan in the Hong Kong market. He said: ‘Our official launch of a new product here today means that Hong Kong is an important market to us, and we want to bring the best technology and models to local consumers. There will be more coming. Besides AION models, we will also introduce BEVs, PHEVs and other NEVs to meet the diversified needs of customers here. In the future, we will continue to expand our new energy market map in the Asia Pacific Region with Hong Kong as our strategic stronghold, further deepening its international layout.’

圖 | 衛海崗發表致辭

隨後,香港埃安總經理張振國公布了首款在香港上市的産品——AION Y Plus,以远超同级的最长550KM纯电续航性能、智能座艙、百變空間等優勢,引起香港消費者和業界的高度關注。張振國總經理現場還表達了與廣汽埃安共同深耕香港市場的信心,他說:“今年稍後,我們計劃在不同地區開設更多陳列室及維修中心,為香港顧客提供更優質的體驗服務,進一步加深客戶對埃安品牌的認知及信心。”

Subsequently, Zhang Zhenguo, General Manager of Hong Kong AION, announced the first product to be launched in Hong Kong – AION Y Plus, which had attracted much attention from Hong Kong consumers and the industry with its merits such as a maximum BEV range of 550KM, an intelligent cockpit, and a versatile space. Zhang also expressed his confidence in jointly cultivating the local market with GAC AION. He said, ‘We are planning more showrooms and maintenance centers for different regions of Hong Kong, which may be available later this year to provide Hong Kong customers with better experience services and further deepen their understanding and confidence in the AION brand.’

圖 | 張振國發表致辭


The guests present at the press release and opening ceremony were deeply impressed by GAC AION’s cutting-edge technology and overall strength. As reported by some media, GAC AION has undoubtedly ranked itself among the top in the global NEV market. Its long-term R&D investment has injected higher value into its products, which will surely bring Hong Kong citizens a luxurious and high-quality travel experience. Many consumers were interested in the AION model, expressing their willingness to purchase the car when it is officially launched, and their confidence in its planning of energy replenishment service.

  科技廣汽 埃安明星車型驚豔香港

  ‘Tech GAC’ amazes HK via AION star model

開業當天,除了新發布的AION Y Plus,廣汽埃安的Hyper SSR、Hyper HT、AION ES均在陳列室亮相。來賓近距離體驗後,紛紛點贊廣汽埃安在外觀設計、智能配置及空間利用等方面的越級優勢。

On the opening day, besides the newly released AION Y Plus, the Hyper SSR, Hyper HT, AION ES were also unveiled in the showroom. After a close experience, the visitors all thought highly of GAC AION’s appearance design, intelligent configuration, and space utilization.

今年5月將正式進入香港市場的AION Y Plus是備受消費者喜歡的“科技頭等艙”,NEDC標准續航裏程為490KM。對于香港消費者對車內大空間的需求,AION Y Plus升級後備箱空間,可以輕松容納3個大行李箱。此外,作為“露營神車”,一輛車就可以搬走一個營地,符合熱愛露營生活的香港消費者的需求。

The AION Y Plus, which will officially enter the Hong Kong market in May this year, is popular among fans of technological cockpits, and it has a NEDC standard range of 490 kilometers. To meet Hong Kong consumers who prefer a roomy interior, the AION Y Plus has upgraded the trunk space, which can easily accommodate three large suitcases. In addition, as a ‘camping car’, it can carry a campsite, making it a favorite choice for Hong Kong consumers who love camping life.

圖 | 領導嘉賓與AION Y Plus展車合影

Hyper SSR則是埃安旗下高端豪華車系Hyper昊鉑的首款車型,被譽為“中國第一超跑”,擁有前1後2三電機,電驅峰值總功率達900kW,采用前後雙叉臂懸架,實現極致操控性和乘坐舒適性。Hyper HT是5座高端純電SUV,專為香港精英家庭量身定制移動的家,車長達4935mm,車內空間寬敞,後備箱儲物容積最大達到1802L,周末全家出遊盡享豪華舒適。AION ES是廣汽埃安針對出行市場的特供車,使用136馬力電動機,電池容量為50.6千瓦時,一次充電續航裏程可達442公裏(NEDC)。

The Hyper SSR, known as the ‘No. 1 Supercar in China’, is the first model of Hyper, the high-end luxury car series under the AION flagship. It has three motors, with one in the front and two in the rear, and a peak total power of 900kW, and adopts front and rear double wishbone suspension, achieving ultimate handling and ride comfort. The Hyper HT is a 5-seater high-end BEV SUV specially designed for elite families in Hong Kong. Measuring 4935mm in length, it has a spacious interior and a trunk space up to 1802L, allowing families to enjoy luxury and comfort on weekends. AION ES is a specially designed vehicle for the travel market by GAC AION.  It uses a 136-horsepower electric motor, a battery capacity of 50.6 kW•h, and a cruising range of up to 442 kilometers on a single charge (NEDC).

圖 |埃安明星車型Hyper SSR、Hyper HT驚艷亮相


The opening even also arranged a technology experience area and a scenario display area, mainly showcasing the technological results of GAC AION and the living scenarios of AION models. As one of the few ‘EV+ICV’ dual-core self-developed car companies in China, GAC AION has multiple industry-leading self-developed core technologies. For example, AION is built on X-Soul Architecture, the industry’s first vehicle cloud integrated centralized electronic and electrical architecture, which realizes advanced functions such as vehicle service-oriented and L3/L4 intelligent driving. In terms of intelligent driving, the newly upgraded Intelligent Navigation Assistance System (NDA) offers a more intelligent driving experience. As early as 2020, GAC AION mass-produced and delivered the world’s first batch of L3 intelligent driving vehicles, leading the industry into a new era of intelligent driving.


GAC AION also exhibited its advanced technological achievements such as Magazine Battery, Quark electric drive, and AEP3.0 platform in the showroom, fully demonstrating GAC AION’s sustained innovativeness.


With the launch of GAC AION and its subsidiary models in Hong Kong, more world-class NEVs such as BEVs and PHEVs will enter the local market in the future, bringing diversified green travel options to local consumers.


  Comprehensive layout to make Hong Kong greener


Currently, to achieve carbon neutrality and reduction goals, Hong Kong is actively adopting multiple decarbonization measures, including green transportation, to accelerate green transformation and promote regional carbon reduction. With the increasing awareness of environmental protection, more and more consumers tend to buy NEVs.


As a world-leading NEV company, GAC AION also set a milestone of producing and selling the one millionth car in 2023, becoming the fastest-growing BEV vehicle in this regard worldwide and demonstrating its great strength in innovation and market. Therefore, AION is full of confidence in the Hong Kong market and plans to set up six sales service centers this year to better provide Hong Kong consumers with more competitive products and convenient services, and meet the growing demand for NEVs.


In addition, based on the vertically integrated new energy industry chain arranged by GAC Group, GAC AION plans to provide a package of new energy industry chain solutions for Hong Kong, develop green energy and intelligent charging solutions, and steadily coordinate the development of vehicles and charging piles, accelerating transformation and upgrading of Hong Kong’s energy industry and green transportation.


In response to the current shortage of charging stations and a high proportion of slow charging facilities in Hong Kong, GAC AION will install 1000V overcharging stations locally in the future. It plans to complete the construction of 300 public charging stations by 2028, so as to provide users with more convenient energy replenishment services. Through this move, GAC AION can bring a high-end energy lifestyle to Hong Kong citizens and, and contribute to a greener Hong Kong.


  GAC takes a new internationalization step based in the Bay Area


Hong Kong is one of the core engines for the development of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, and an important area radiating Southeast Asia and a bridge connecting the East and West. It has always been an important part of GAC Group’s global expansion plan. In 2019, GAC Group began to actively expand its presence in the Hong Kong market and established a Hong Kong subsidiary, which served as three major functional platforms for international funding, talent, and investment.


Now, GAC AION’s official entry into the Hong Kong market will form a new development pattern centered on the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area and radiating to the Asia Pacific Region, which is of great significance for expanding its global brand awareness and influence. This not only marks a milestone for GAC AION’s global development, but also is a crucial step of GAC Group’s internationalization journey.


图 | 廣汽埃安登陸香港


Under the worldwide carbon reduction initiative, the global automotive industry is accelerating its green and low-carbon transformation. Seizing such an opportunity, GAC AION will take the Hong Kong market as a new starting point to accelerate overseas development of its NEV business, promote the internationalization process of GAC Group, and help achieve the goal of producing and selling its one trillionth car. Meanwhile, by continuously promoting technological progress and development, exploring the future of green new energy ecology, and building a future intelligent green ecology, GAC AION will actively drive the overseas development of new energy ecological industry chain, and promote the deep globalization of China’s automotive industry chain.